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Client Testimonials
Brad Gentry

"Brad is WONDERFUL! He helped us with the purchase of our home in Newport Beach in September 2014. Brad treated us like family! This was the best experience. We truly felt supported and felt that he had our best interest in mind and represented us 100%. Brad is excellent at keeping in contact and following up on every aspect of the transaction. He was with us every step of the way from the home inspection to signing the final mortgage documents and every step in between. He even took the time to meet us over lunch on a Sunday to review the terms of our counter offer. He definitely went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with and understood all of the terms of the agreement. One thing that impressed us the most about Brad was the respect that he showed to everyone we came in contact with, from the listing agent to the notary. He is a kind and respectful gentleman that taught us so much about purchasing a home. We will definitely do business with him again and will refer him to our friends and family!"
"I asked Brad what to do to get our home sold. He was immediately “all in”. He helped from the beginning of the remodel through the day escrow closed. He gave much needed advice for the remodel, helped with contractors and held the open houses every weekend himself! From start to finish, we got the house remodeled and through escrow in less than ten months. Thanks Brad!"
"Brad recently helped us sell our home of 47 years. We greatly appreciated his professionalism and expertise while transforming our outdated home to a beautiful like new property. Not only were his ideas great but he provided us with reliable contractors that completed the work timely and very economically. Although we gave up an old friend in our home we have gained not only a great expert in his field but a new friend! Thanks Brad!!"
"Brad Gentry is the epitome of a professional. His attention to detail is unsurpassed. He sold my mother's very large home in Laguna Niguel. Brad guided me on how to kindly and effectively donate and dispose of most of her items which was difficult and beyond his spec of work, but he knew I was overwhelmed and could tell that I needed a helping hand. I am so grateful. He took much of his time to assist me in every aspect of preparing the house so that it would show nicely and sell quickly, which it did! He cares. He is kind, genuine and such a pleasure to work with. He is truly invested in each individual's particular situation. I can't say enough. Thank you Brad."
"My family and I were considering relocating to Newport Beach. Although we didn't ultimately head in that direction (Chicago instead), we were highly impressed by Brad Gentry. We contacted him on a lark, and couldn't believe our luck! He is a consummate professional in every sense. In addition, as a long-time resident, his knowledge of the market is vast, and he works to understand your needs and match them with a neighborhood and a home. He is incredibly patient, and does not over-sell but rather relies on facts and lets the area sell itself. We give Brad our highest recommendation to anyone considering relocating to the Newport Beach area."
"AN UNBEATABLE COMBINATION! I have known Brad Gentry for over 20 years as a friend and as a business associate. On a personnel level he is a fine family man with an outstanding reputation in the community. He is very personable and likable because of his good spirited nature. His family is a model to the community. Additionally, Brad and I have had several business transactions. He is an astute business person as he is highly educated and has very good business instincts. His good common sense mixed with his high energy level is an unbeatable combination. A client or company having Brad working on their behalf would be well served. With his many years of business and real estate experience he would be the best representative a person could hope to have in their corner."
"I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO RECOMMEND BRAD... I have personally known Mr. Brad Gentry for approximately 20 years both professionally and personally. Brad was very instrumental in coordinating and assisting me in obtaining commercial and residential properties for my business as well as personally. Throughout each and every transaction, Brad not only was diligent and through in all of the transactions, he was very efficient in his communications every step of the way. He certainly made the process a lot smoother. Because of Brad's commitment to service, strong work ethic and professionalism, I would not hesitate to recommend him."
"No one should make important real estate decisions without the assistance of Brad Gentry" No one should make important legal decisions without first consulting an attorney, nor important medical decisions without consulting a physician, nor attempt to fly an airplane without a pilot. It is therefore, my opinion that no one should make important real estate decisions without the assistance of Brad Gentry. I have had the pleasure of working with Brad over the last several months, and have learned there is no substitute for wisdom and experience, which Brad has in excess when it came to my real estate needs. Brad found me the perfect tenants for my lease property. In case you're wondering, no, this letter isn't being written a few days after my tenants moved in. They have been there for almost a year, with no problems. Brad's experience in this field allowed him to quickly and accurately sort through potential tenants, and find the right fit for my needs. I have no doubt this has eliminated numerous potential headaches and problems for me over the last year. His experience proved to be invaluable, and of great assistance helping me meet my real estate needs. On top of that, he's an all-ground nice guy too. I very much enjoyed working with Brad, and look forward to working with him in the future. Thanks again Brad!"
"Brad saved me a lot of time and effort Brad Gentry represented me, as the trustee of our family trust, in the sale of my mother's Dover Shores home. Brad was professional, knowledgeable, hard-working, responsive, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. After my mother died, my sisters and I had to find a realtor to help us sell our mom's home. It was a difficult and stressful situation, but when we interviewed Brad, we immediately knew we had found our realtor. We were impressed with Brad's positive attitude, knowledge of Newport Beach real estate and marketing strategy. We also appreciated Brad's willingness to accommodate our particular needs. Brad was extremely helpful in advising us as to which improvements and repairs we should make, and which were not really worthwhile. Brad coordinated with the various service people we hired to make sure that inspections and repairs were done timely and properly. We thought Brad did an excellent job in marketing our mom's home. He hired a team to produce a very professional and impressive video of the house, and also produced quality flyers which he circulated to potential buyers and real estate agents. Brad's marketing efforts produced results – he was constantly showing the house and we received several offers. Brad was very effective at dealing with other realtors – Brad immediately returned phone calls and always followed up with any inquiry about our house. He is detail-oriented, precise and courteous. Brad gave us critical advice on crafting a response to offers and was very helpful in shepherding me through all of the paperwork that needs to be completed when you sell a home. Although I am an attorney, the paperwork to sell a house can be a bit daunting, but Brad saved me a lot of time and effort by quickly explaining the purpose of each document. Selling our mother's home, which my mom and dad lived in for many years, was a very emotional experience for my sisters and me. Brad recognized this and was very sensitive to our needs. He was also very adept at dealing with three sisters who did not always agree on how to respond to certain situations, and guided us to a successful conclusion. I highly recommend Brad Gentry as an excellent Realtor. He has both the personal qualities and character, as well as the knowledge and experience, to make him a uniquely-qualified Realtor."
"I would highly recommend Brad Gentry to help you with this life changing event After the death of our mother, we interviewed Brad Gentry to sell our mother's home. We were impressed with Brad's knowledge of the Newport Beach real estate market and with his suggestions on how to market the house. Brad promised us exceptional service and personal attention, but he delivered even more than he promised. Brad is an exceptionally hard worker – he was always willing to show our home at any time, day or night. We did not provide a lock box at our property and he gladly accommodated every single person or agent that wanted to see it. He helped us so much with getting the house ready for sale; he offered to be there to meet with the contractor, plumber, pest control – whoever was there to do the various repairs. On a personal note, this was a very upsetting time for me and my sisters. It was a difficult process to sell our mother's beautiful home with so many memories. Brad is a very warm and sensitive man – he was so respectful and understanding of our feelings, and made a tough situation as easy as it could possibly be. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Brad Gentry to help you with this life changing event. We could not have asked for a better realtor to guide us through the process."
"Insight, Knowledge and Experience Helped Us Considerably Brad, I wanted to take a few minutes to personally thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Your insight, knowledge and experience helped us considerably before and after the purchase of our home. It meant a great deal to us that you were always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and point us to the right direction to reduce the already overwhelming process of purchasing a home. As you and I both soon learned your role as our agent (and trusted advisor) would not end with the final sale of our home. Due to some of the unforeseen challenges we faced with the home after it was purchased you took the time and had the patience to guide us through what was personally, a very difficult time. Without your guidance it would have made finding a solution and dealing with all the parties involved that much harder to get through. I can't thank you enough for your patience, generosity, professionalism and most importantly – friendship. Although we are not looking to purchase any additional properties soon, I would gladly refer you or be happy to share our personal story with any prospective buyer considering use of your services. You delivered on everything you said you would. Thank you!"
"From the perspective of a first time home buyer, what stood out to me about Brad was his knowledge, patience and willingness to take the time and walk me through each step of the overall real estate process. Brad came highly recommended by a family member; however the location I was looking to buy was Porter Ranch/Northridge, quite a distance from Orange County. Much to my surprise Brad showed a willingness to learn a new market, a highly competitive market at that, and was able to identify the desirable developments based on my budget and needs. All said and done, I ended up with great home for very fair price, the lowest in the development dating back a year. As I mentioned above, Brad's communication skills were great. I always felt he was available via email, phone, text, and was willing to do whatever the situation called for. Once escrow got underway things certainly moved fast but I never felt overwhelmed and looking back on it, I feel it was really a positive life experience. Brad took the time to answer any question I had during escrow and was particularly good at breaking down various real estate terminology Into understandable layman's terms. To this day, nearly 5 months after closing escrow, we still remain in contact. He has checked in to see how things were going with the new home, as well as provides advice on various homeownership topics, ranging from reputable windows vendors to which brand of new garbage disposal I should purchase! I would highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a real estate agent. He really exceeded my expectations. Couldn't be happier!"
"I met Brad by going to Zillow. He is the most wonderful Realtor I have ever been honored to have. I was buying my 1st home by myself. I wanted to buy in Newport Beach, Ca. I have lived here my whole life. What the heck was I going to buy in Newport, with my income? Brad had never sold a Mobile Home before, so that made 2 of us.. I call Brad my "Hallmark Man". He could write letters just like that. We made an offer, they took it, but that was not the hard part. Everything to come was hard to qualify. Lots of hard work for Brad to help me with, he was at my side every step of the way. It was like working with my brother, that did not want his sister to not see the whole picture. I would recommend Brad Gentry to everyone. Oh, I did get my Mobile Home in Bayside Village in Newport Beach. He is the BEST AROUND. I was very happy."
"Brad is very knowledgeable about Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar, and particularly my area of Newport. He has been extremely helpful throughout the process of preparing my home for sale by making key suggestions for upgrades and changes to make the home more marketable, and in preparing and carrying out a marketing plan. Brad is very easy to communicate with and he has never been 'out of touch' without letting me know in advance that he would be unavailable, and then never for more than a couple hours. I have felt very comfortable discussing my thoughts and beliefs about a range of topics relating to my home and the efforts to sell it, and I have never felt that Brad was not supportive although he brings professional balance to discussions so that I have had the best of both worlds when decisions have had to be made. I strongly recommend Brad to anyone selling their home. "
"Brad was extremely professional, knowledgable and personable! Brad was very helpful in evaluating properties of interest. Brad helped us find our "perfect" home and in an amazing few weeks we were in escrow! As an agent he lead us through due diligence flawlessly. The whole process, from start to finish, was relatively easy and was very exciting. Our family is creating new memories at our lovely beach house that Brad found for us. Thank you Brad!"